Challenges is our excitment!

We do private / corporate events and portfolios for different companies, which is always so challenging but hey! that is our daily game [...]

3D Object Photo

If one client can need this...

...service we surely can refer to someone working with such. As we never did it before, and the knowledge we have is limitted [...]

Advertising Photo

It can be clothes, salon or cafe

We have good record in advertising images for all categories, you may think of, however bring the matter in the table for our feedback [...]

Reportage Photo

I always tell my buddies that you...

...never retire as a journalist but you can just stop writing stories, but sourcing and taking images will always hunt you... [...]

Wedding Photo

From traditional to white wedding

...we here to rock your world with amazing pictures and high quality video 'High Difination', and the well designed photobook... [...]


Honestly, we never did any...

...exhibitions, since we respect the privacy of our clients, and we see it rude to take them for exhibitions without their concerns... [...]


Thabo Mohomane

Human Resource

I always believe in you, especially the guy who refered me to you, I trusted him and now, I'm so speechless since you went above our expectations... Good lucky Lwazi, in your work!

Jerry Khoza

Information Technology
Nkomazi Municipality

Mmmmh! This is more gorgeous than I thought, I so love loving it, and I won't mind recommending you to my buddies, since you manage to pull it up with such short notice.

Like My work?

We wouldn't be the best in this field if we used our own knowledge and not consult our clients for their inputs.

Our minds are so engraved with the old say that says 'a customer is always right' because without our clients we are nothing as well.